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Eva Blume Earthenware on a theme of 'houses'
Jane Bridger Raku and Earthenware
Sue Colclough-Evans Earthenware and Stoneware sculptural pieces
Laura Crosland Functional standard ware range and a more decorative, one-off range
Peter Curtis Hand crafted ceramics from the "dancing potter"!
Colleen Davies Functional stoneware & porcelain, lighting and sculpture
Denis Di Luca Contemporary ceramic art using raku.
Isabel Dickinson Ceramic and textile artist
Barry Dorrity Ceramic artist
Mike Evans Domestic ware, High fired earthenware
Andrea Farndon Sculptural forms in stoneware
Tony Foard Raku figures and bowls
Jane Gibson Ornamental ware with smoke patterned surfaces
Sally Grafton Stoneware pots and sculptures
Nichola Hanman Burnished and smoked Raku
Nelly Harris Both Raku and Stoneware
Dee Harvey Textured ceramics
Angela Howe Stoneware forms and figures
Louise Hummerstone Reduction fired stoneware
Janet Jackson Handbuilt, Raku
Martin Lake Thrown, reduction fired stoneware
David Melville Wide range of stoneware
Jean McCree Semi-functional with a sculptural theme
Mary McFadden Bright earthenware with impressed natural decoration
Ian McGregor Thrown domestic ware in stoneware and earthenware, and stoneware sculptural pieces.
Doris Mitchell Porcelain bottle, jar and bowl forms
Deana Moore Coiled and slabbed ceramic pieces
Sheila Nash Handbuilt stoneware functional and sculptural pieces
Arlene Ramage Sculptural and domestic stoneware
Susie Ramsay-Smith Traditional arts and crafts in a unique style
Jane Richardson Sculptural and functional stoneware
Liz Stace Varied stoneware
Shirley Stewart Glazed functional pots and experimental sculptural objects
Suki Stokes Smoke fired animals
Cherry Tewfik Stoneware and porcelain, with gold, glass and oxide inlays
Kate Towner Slip decorated earthenware
Karen Elizabeth Vaughan Raku fired ceramic figures
David C White Commemorative, Tableware and One-off stoneware items
Marilyn Williams Wheel-thrown functional and decorative stoneware
Mary Wright Functional stoneware
Each page of our gallery features a potter, some details about their work, and some photographs.

The list of potters is organised alphabetically, with some indication of the type of style of their work.

Please note that the Association does not sell members' work through this website. However if you contact us we will usually be able to send a message on to the potter.
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